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Example Sites

Some Example Sites include these:

Example Pricing for a Domain Name. The following example shows the pricing for a Domain Name for 3 years Prepaid. Note: It includes $10.19/yr for the name, $5.00/yr for business registration, $5.00/yr to make private and $2.70/yr to be certified. Your results may vary as this is for illustration only however, this gives you some idea how pricing of domains are done for multiple years.

1 .COM Domain Name Registration - 3 Years $30.57
1 Business Registration, Length: 3.0 Years $14.97
1 Private Registration Services, Length: 3.0 Years $15.00
1 Certified Domain - 3 Year, Length: 1 year(s) $8.07
Subtotal: $68.61
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $68.61

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