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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for Websites in Paradise, herein known as the Website Company and Wayne Franklin, herein known as the Webmaster offer the following Terms and Conditions. The Customer herein is known to be anyone that wishes to purchase services from the Website Company.

  1. Content is provided by the Customer. e.g. Pictures, Text, Videos, Music, etc.
  2. Customer must provide the RIGHTS to USE any Pictures, Music, Vidoes, and Text for the site.
  3. The payments for Services are non-refundable.
  4. Webmaster has sole right to refuse any content that is deemed to be offensive or illegal.
  5. Payment for the Domain Name and 50% of the other estimated costs are payable in Advance.
  6. Payment for the Website Creation, Hosting, and Database is due upon Completion of Phase III.
  7. There are three phases to the website services.
    • I - Interview either in person, if local, or over phone to learn about the business.
    • II - Basic Content provided by the Customer is posted on the Website.
    • III - Content and layout are reviewed and final posting to the Website.
  8. Timeframes for completion of the website will be determined during the Interview Phase I.
  9. Customer agrees to hold Webmaster harmless for any content posted to the website.
  10. WebsitesInParadise will send renewal notices 30 days in advance of the expiration of the service.

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